Good Bye Facebook. Hello freedom.


Hi everyone.

It’s been a while. If you know me in real life you may or may not have noticed I turned off my Facebook and artist page.


I figured it was time to eliminate distraction. See, I used to check my Facebook 3 times an hour. Yes. Seriously I would do that.


Hmm…habit maybe, being an isolated Stop Motion animator didn’t help.  (Nor does having a Smart Phone in my pocket.) But I noticed an inability to focus and a fear that I needed to post obsessively to “help with my social media status” And also I was feeling lonely.

So instead of getting outside of my safety net and meeting people, I would just check and check and check.

And hey since when is being an “independent filmmaker” mean you have to spend majority of your time creating followers on instagram.

Filmmakers make movies. Not silly fan-art in order to get “likes”


A month away and my productivity is great and my stress levels have lowered.


It feels good to not know what everyone else is doing.

It feels good to not feel jealous when I see people doing something I want to do.

It feels good to just meditate in those moments when I used to check my phone.

It feels good to return to the natural rhythm of my perception of reality.


It feels good to focus and live a life with intention.


I highly recommend giving it a go.


What inspired this? I found minimalism. (interested? Google the Minimalists, they are really good.)