2016 recap. 2017 Goals.



The year I got my life back.

I recovered from an extreme eating disorder that previously taken over my life.

To the point that I almost forgot who I was and how to be a normal human being. Etc. etc. etc. etc.

I could talk about those days/months where I felt off mentally and physically forever. They were fascinating                 but I’m glad it’s over.  Recovery is a weird hard road.

Today I don’t really have any interest in discussing health and food and fitness, even though                                            I still eat healthy and exercise. It’s just not something I want to talk about.

This is good. 

I grew as an illustrator on instagram and sold at markets.

I learned that I don’t really see this as a priority in my life and although I will continue to draw                                         for instagram and sell off my website it will be less often.

For now.

For anyone who enjoyed my posts. I thank you and I’m sorry I’m lightening my presence on that social                     app. Or at any of those shows.

My animated short is the only thing I want to work on.

And I can’t have too many obligations.

Otherwise I won’t finish.

Eww. No. Nope. Not an option.

I went to Scotland solo.

It was awesome and extremely freeing. I plan on going to Iceland in August. Maybe probably                                 definitely my boyfriend will come too.

Stay turned.

This year I found immersive theater.

It’s awesome and I plan on doing more of it.




Ok what are my goals for 2017.

Return to liking more music. I miss that. My ED took that away from me. And now I want to return.

Return to reading. My ED took that too.

Complete my animated short Pirouette. My ED slowed my progress.


And of course the usual, constantly pushing myself and enjoying every minute of it.


Thank you.