More. Because more was asked for.

Please read the previous post for context.



I did not intend to say more. But. I felt a need.

Let me explain.

I believe in expressing myself as simplistically as possible. This is a good and a bad (and a sorta both) choice. I believe in only saying enough to get the one point I want to get across, across. It is useful because it allows others the option to interpret what I’m trying to say, take everything and make it their own.

The downside of simplistic explanation is the potential for me to be misunderstood, to look ill informed and appear that I’m only scratching the surface of possibility.

And the worst.

That people see me as someone who is not doing the things I believe in.

So if you are someone who is interested in an extremely descriptive explanation on my findings please read further. If not. I completely understand.  I am a person who does not stop over analyzing everything (this is good. And this is bad. And a little of both) and I am well aware that some people don’t need a whole lot of explanation to get to the same exact answer. This is for the people who do and the people who have now become curious and of course the others, e cant forget them.

In order to maintain the energy of this exchange, typos, misspellings and poor grammar was left in. If this bothers you I am sorry. I would advise you to look away. But I also hope you see past such trivial things.

The main draw of my last blog post was, “All perspectives deserve to be understood.”

This I thought was well explained.

I was more or less wrong.

My old college friend, Joslyn Schmitt (from Minnesota) in her own way showed me that she wanted more, without actually saying it but I knew, because I know her well. She’s awesome and she wanted more.

Joslyn. Thank you.

To those who do not know Joslyn Schmitt let me explain who she is. How I see her because Joslyn is the only one who truly knows herself.

To me Joslyn Schmitt is someone who has dreams. Joslyn Schmitt is someone who wants to achieve those dreams. She fights herself, she fights society and she inspires others to do so.

Joslyn Schmitt sees the good in all people.

Joslyn Schmitt went to London 2 weeks before me. She did not have the best experience to my knowledge and she is trying to figure it out because the world is so, so very big and overwhelming. Her blog entry is coming soon. I believe it will be filled with an amazingly new perspective on the world as well as herself and I look forward to reading it.

Joslyn Schmitt made a few points to me, which I will now say, simply. She, I believe, will express these points better on her own blog with her own amazingly unique perspective.  I highly recommend you read it. Nothing beats the truth.

-Europe has better food then a large amount of America. The portions are smaller.

-to a lot of people in America traveling is a luxury.

-America is in a hole so few notice. So many people borrow money they do not have to get what they truly want.  We spend a lifetime paying it off. That is our normal.

-We are huge and our expenses our huge.

-people are used to a patterned lifestyle.

-money can be a driving force. not enough money? it can squander your dreams.

-to more and more Americans travel is a once and a lifetime kind of deal.

-london is huge, there is no privacy. But the crime is low.

Joslyn said these things more eloquently then I have. These are only the simplistic versions. I will mention again, to read her blog post for more, once it is out.

Here was my more elaborate explanation to the concept that “all perspectives deserve to be understood,” This overtly descriptive explanation is what inspired Joslyn to share her perspective with me and for that I am forever greatful. When people share these things with me I grow. I grow so very much. I don’t know who I would be without everyone else around me.

Anyway. I as usual digress. Back to the main point.

“Here’s a little extra.”

I think that the key is Scotland and most of Europe is it’s a whole lot smaller then America. It’s more or less easier (in my ever changing opinion) to control a smaller society. It’s easier to see the issues. It’s easier to see. Everything.

America is large. Both places have all encompassing issues but here we have so much more. More distraction. More opposing views. More variety. “more” applies to everything in America. It’s harder here for those changes to occur. We are so very big. Not only are we big but also we are young. We haven’t chosen what side we are going to land on. Ask a European why Donald Trump is happening for example, the ones I have talked to tell me that it’s happened before in Europe. They know what can happen. They are aware of perspectives because they are lucky. They have an easier time getting around to hear and see what others have to say in different countries. What is going to happen in the next coming years will reveal America’s fate. ß--This is once again only a sliver of that rabbit hole. Feel free to ask me more or at the very least question yourself. Look for answers from the people who have done the research and gain legitimate incite.  I only have my own perspective to share. Anyway.

This is why the world is staring at us because we are so big and powerful (at the moment) we could, through our choices, really destroy humanity or help fix or somewhere in between. (the thinking concept of duality is useful in understanding the complexity of the universe but don’t rely on it. Yes. There are blacks and there are whites but there are also greys. Sean Malony’s perspective more or less) Anyway.

Why can’t more American’s travel more?

Because we have crippled our society. Money. Healthcare. Student loans. We can’t save much. We can’t afford better food. We are crippling our society. So less people wander. Traveling has become a luxury in our society while everywhere else they are aware that it is important to strengthen each other.

Scotland was an expensive trip. I will be paying for it for a long time. This should not be an issue in this country.


My roommate Amanda. Who is also so amazing. Made another point. A rather good one.

Europeans do not have to spend quite so much to gain a vastly different perspective then there own. They are so very lucky. No plane travel. They could easily backpack around.

That is why listening to their more contrasted perspectives on the world is so very important when looking for the solutions to solving the problems facing us here in America.

When you only have Canada and Mexico next to you and a giant pot of conflicting views (America) then it’s harder to understand. Especially when it’s so easy here to live without out questioning yourself and the people around you.

So do that. Anyway I digress again.

One could argue that because we think travel is a luxury we act that way when we go. It is our one time (for a lot of americans) to do the things we want. It’s our one chance. We act selfish because it’s more our less our special experience. I don’t blame American’s for their actions.

What I do blame Americans for, is their lack of wanting to truly understand. But I understand why this happens more often then not. We can change this together, I believe.

Joslyn. Forced me to share that my mind (for the good or the bad or a bit inbetween) goes deeper then she originally thought. At this point she shared with me, her thoughts. I will let her share them on her blog.

I responded like this. (these are responses from the bullet points from earlier and a bit more)

Great food is not limited to Europe Joslyn. California has greater abundance then Minnesota and Europe. It really depends on where you are. This relates to what I originally said. It’s all about perspective. You are someone who only saw London online and wanted to see it for yourself (this is my assumption. I will never know Joslyn’s true perspective. Joslyn is the only person who has that.) You did an extremely brave thing and you grew. You saw just how extremely different perspectives can be. I am not that person. (I am not that lucky) I have lived in a couple of different situations in my life. I sadly will never see the world the way that you do.  And there is nothing wrong with that. It’s actually beautiful that we are different and the same. With that knowledge we can celebrate our differences and help the world. This is what goes back to my original main point. All perspectives deserve to be understood. You can use your own experience to explain mine. That is valid. But remember that I am coming from a completely different background. One that I am lucky to have, One that I’m going to use to help people. As I can plainly see that you are doing exactly the same. We are both focused on that, we.

Travel isn’t seen that same way. Which sucks. They (Europeans) are not aware (unless they want to be) of our perspective. To them Americans are rude. But as stated before our rudeness comes from a whole lot of issues in our country. Which we together, need to fix. Be the change you want to see in the world.

To expand on America being in a hole.

I agree. It sucks. Here’s in another point. Look at the people who have a lot in America. Do they use that money to help people who are struggling? No. More often then not they think only of themselves. The people who are struggling are stuck in the “I” thinking because they are trying to survive. The people who are rich are stuck in the “I” thinking because they feel like that can do what they want. Community. The “we” lack of, is the big problem with America. Look at (some) “rich health obsessed people” in LA. They think that it’s the less fortunate peoples fault that they are fat. What they are not aware of is food scarcity and the fact that a lot of people can’t afford it. –You are on to something important Joslyn about routine. It’s about having a routine to finish your goals and breaking your routine to experience life and return with growth. (this is only my ever changing perspective take it with a grain of salt)

Why? Why did I share this exchange?

Because. Change is slow. But change is less slow when we come together, except our differences. Learn from each other. See the perspectives of others. Question everything. Question each other. Have perspectives. Share them.

They grow. we grow. We become the change we want to see.

Joslyn and I shared our experience and she forced me to tell more because she wanted more.

If you want more.

If you truly want more.


And never stop.


Joslyn asked me 3 more questions today. I was proud to answer them.

Has anything changed in your habits since you have been back?

Yes and no and everything in between. This experience has only reinforced more of what I already know. My existence is not forever. My job is not forever. I need to do what I truly want. I want to help people. I need to do that. Nothing else seems worth my time.

Do you plan on going again in the future?

I plan I returning to the isle of skye. There was something fascinating about the natural perspective there that I didn’t quite finish exploring.

With your newfound knowledge what do you think can be done?

What can be done. One. Exactly what Joslyn and I are doing right now. Conversations. Questions. Growth. Knowledge experience. We see problems. We see them everywhere. We can not fix these problems ourselves. But what we can do is be the change. Inspire people to do the same (Bernie Sanders) be open minded see the opportunities where we can help and do them (vote) Fight.

I hope that your perspective has grown. I hope I have been understood.

I believe we can all do amazing things. If we want too.


Let me say again. This is the last time I make a blog post about Scotland. However I encourage you to question me. Especially after a giant chunk of unexplored ideas have exploded out of my head. (I did not originally intend for that to happen but I’m living dangerously these days.)

If you see something wrong with what I am saying.

Say it.

If you see something say it.

If you agree. Do that.

Expand on my ideas.

Or do nothing.

The choice is always yours.

I can only Really. Really. Really,

SO many reallys.

Share my perspective. A perspective that is a sum of the perspectives of others that have influenced me.

Thank you. I am nothing without everyone else.