Hello Everyone.



I have a confession.


You know, lately I’m feeling a shift. Something’s in the water. Something is changing in my life. It feels like I’m mixing a bit of what I am vs what I have always been vs. what I’ve learned vs getting enough sleep.


I literally have no idea what is happening.


But believe me. It’s big.


I don’t have any desire to be the person I was. Everything is new and I’m riding the wave.


I want to video blog again. So I did.

Here it is. This is just a taste of what’s going in my brain right now.  I want to make more of those and I will and they will look better I just feel like I need to get so much out  and I can’t waste time making it pretty.


Let me put it simply. The past 4 years in my life I have followed a plan. I have strived to have a “more balanced life” A year ago I nearly perfected it. What was the result? I was unhappy. I was physically ill (don’t worry I got that back) and I lost everything of what I was.  I developed an eating disorder and OCD in a matter of months. Yeah I know right WTF. If you want to know more I can give details but I don’t want to waste time on old news.


As my health is returning…as it has been for the past 4 months. So is my mind. And I have no desire to return to my “balanced” structured life. As least not at the moment.


Happiness is my number one priority. The second is helping everyone. the only ways I know how. Third is making stuff.



At this time. Change is coming.

I don’t know what. But change is coming at I cant keep it inside anymore.

There is something that happens when you loose it all and then get a second chance. I got that chance.


More to come.


Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday.