Standing still and growing from the inside.

The zoo is filled with people. Mostly mom’s, a couple of monkey enthusiasts, elementary school field trips and me, the animator in the corner drawing the gorillas, who gets mistaken for a student on a daily basis.


I walk around with a zoo ball cap, sunglasses, sketchbook and the drive to get good at gesture drawing for once in my life. I mean I have the time right?  So I walk and draw and sit and draw and force myself to speed draw and slow down and observe and ignore people as they watch me draw and draw until my pencils break and sharpen them. I’ve gotten to the point that I feel all of the paper in the art to store to make sure I pick the right one for speed drawing. Any bump could slow me down. And then I leave the art store to draw more.


I like to read 20 pages a day of the Drawn to life books by Walt Stanchfield. His

pro’s are my driving force. I wake up reading that book and then I go draw.

I make a whole bunch of really bad drawings and a couple of good ones.


I am fighting myself and questioning myself and wondering if I have what it takes. But I don’t care if I suck because one day I wont.


As long as I don’t stop.