Getting in the Groove

Good NEWS Everyone!


The script for “Pirouette” is finalized and ready for storyboarding It’s looking like it’s going to be about 2 minutes long. Every time I read that script it gets me motivated to finish this short. It’s hard. I feel like I’m starring at a giant mountain and I have to climb it.  Well…one step at a time.



This week I’m in visual development mode. I’m designing characters like this one here-

As well as 3 concept drawings hinting at how I want each scene to look.


So far I’m giving every step my undivided attention. I don’t want this short to feel unfinished. I also believe that it’s important to improve. One step at a time.


2 announcements!


First! I will be selling at this February’s Artist and Fleas all weekend! So feel free to come on down to downtown LA and check out what I (and a whole lot of other Amazing artists have to offer! )


The second announcement is that I will be soon partnering with a start up company called Feldspar Ventures. Where we will be working on a secret project…that is secret. Get excited for the secret. 


I mean I am!!


Either way I hope everyone reading this little blog of mine has a Happy Valentines Day. Go out and do something good. Maybe eat some chocolate. :D!


Pro-tip: Sunglasses are actually really important