Oh hello everyone!


Tomorrow is Super-Tuesday! Happy almost Super-Tuesday!!


More importantly! This is real. Why not America! DO IT!


Sitting in the Republic of Pie on a daily basis leaves me with a new found appreciation for pie, the sound of the same top 10 music choices of the week, a lot of tea and a sense of friendship with the other self/unemployed regulars sharing the space for 8 hours a day.


What have I gotten done since I last updated?


Well good news (to those who are curious of course and maybe not so much for the people who would rather hear more about meat pastries) 


I have finished the rough storyboards of “Pirouette,” as well as the anamatic, of all the concept art and more!




Ok So. I wasn’t originally planning this but my friend and fellow stop motion aficionado, Max Lopez is going to be re-building clown to be a ball and socket armature based puppet. Which means clown will be able to move perfectly.




Which means my short will be even more amazballs then originally planned.




Which means I really need to finish it.




So the moment he is ready. I shall show him off. For sure!




I went to MOCA over the weekend. This happened. I was moved.

Anyway, One more thing before I leave you to return to the internet you love so dearly.


I am returning to Artist and fleas once again on the 19th of March in Downtown LA and the 2nd of April in Venice beach. So get ready. If you’ve come by before… I would like to report that I plan of selling new products as well as prints, in these next 2 markets. So get ready for that!




Pro-tip- Sleep is more important then I originally thought. I highly recommend giving it an honest try. That is the best advice I can give.