Hello Everyone!

I hope your New Year’s Resolutions are going well!

Mine was until I had to write this same exact blog entry 3 times. If you have a squarespace. Don’t bother using the blog entry thing. It’s probably going to crash. Many times.

Anyway! Big NEWS!




My new shop is now open! It’s

Feel free to check it out and see what I have to offer. I see it as a perfect way for anyone who can’t make it to any of my shows, in person, to still support my work.

There’s also a commissions thing to fill out if you are interested in asking for a custom drawing.  Yay!

Also this weekend was my first Artist and Fleas! It went off at an alarming success. To all my new followers, hello and welcome and as always, I appreciate the support.  

I plan on doing more of Artist and Flea’s shows in the future. The next one is in Feburary.

Anyway I hope everyone has an excellent work week and I promise you will be hearing more and more from me this year. So many plans and new projects to come.

Also side note. The Strawberries sold at the Atwater farmers market are amazing. Seriously amazing.