More Time Please.

Hello Everyone!

The good news is I've animated 3 shots with my clown puppet! 3 shots of what exactly?

Ok let me bring you of to speed. In about a month and a half I'm bringing my art and animation back to Designer Con. This year I plan on promoting my short film. :D The idea is to animate a 30 second little animation piece to play on a loop at the convention. And with the video I will have a link to my Kickstarter page for the short. I want to try to raise 10,000 dollars to create a 5 minute short based off of my clown. The funds will primarily go towards renting a shooting space as well as materials and labor costs of the sets and extra puppets on the film. In a nut shell I'm excited. This short will be the highest quality I have ever attempted.


So until november it's lock down for me art wise. Way to much to finish. Way to much on my plate. So much stuff. Not the best timing...considering I'm still working a full time job and also planning a trip to Scotland and iceland next year. Woop! 

SPEAKING OF FULL TIME JOBS! The Internet show that I've been working on for the last 8 months "Supermansion" is premiering on Crackle! (a free streaming service) on October 8th! I high recommend everyone check it out, If you like Robot Chicken. If you like humor with Super heroes and action and also gags and awesome character arcs and surprises. Then go watch it. Trust me this show is golden. :)! 

YES YOU CAN WATCH IT RIGHT HERE DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT (I animated the shot where there is coffee and spillage) 

Now its on to animating Robot Chicken Season 8 which is going to be also amazing!!!!

So yay crazy end of the year times are crazy times. yes.