Choose the Bigger Life.

Hello Everyone!

Adina Cohen. Home Base. 

Adina Cohen. Home Base. 

Something inspiring happened to me last week. I was listening to the happier podcast. (yep I love that podcast) and one of their topics was to "choose the bigger life." Which means that whenever making a decision on what to do, choose the activity that will make your world much bigger.  New experiences. Take yourself out of your comfort zone. Sort of vibe. 

So I gave it a try. 

Instead of doing what I normally do on Saturday nights. On a wim I signed up for a 5K. Yeah...I know right.... it was a night run in the south of Los Angeles. On and did I mention that it was also a color run, and also there were lasers and techno music. Yeah completely out of my element for sure. But boy what it the most rewarding experience of the whole weekend. Not only did I realize that I can run 3 and a half miles well but how amazing life feels when I force myself out of my routines. 



As someone who enjoys my habits, I feel like I'm going to be doing more of this random outside of my element sort of situations. It's extremely inspiring! Not only does it make me feel more alive but it's helping my art feel less insulated and repetitive. 

OK! On to art related stuff. I finish my puppet. Huzzah! He was completed right on time. The goal was to get him done by september so I have 3 months to shoot his 30 second video to be screened at my designer con booth this year. I'm not gonna lie I'm really happy with how he turned out. Especially his shoes. I've had a lot of trouble making shoes in the past but I feel like I'm slowly getting the hang of it ^_^


The plan for designer con as of right now is to sell prints of my illustrations, pillows, tote bags, pins and stickers. As well as have my clown animation being screened with a indiegogo page link. I wanted to have more of my hurt series on sale but to be completely honest I'm not sure I'm going to have enough to sell this year. Knock on wood everybody )-). 

I want to wish all of my followers a happy September. And to choose the bigger life.