Hello Everyone!



I hope the last couple weeks of summer is going well for everybody. 


Unless you don't enjoy the heat. Then maybe...well....uhh... we only have a couple more weeks until Fall. So yay!

When fall comes, that means less heat and also hot chocolate and pie. 

Especially pie. 

But more importantly with the fall comes Designer Con 2015. It was only a year ago that I started this little blog of mine, right around the time I was applying for Designer Con 2014 and now it's coming up again. It'll be the first year I have a whole giant booth to myself. I'm not going to lie. I'm slightly nervous, will I have enough to buy, will people like my products will I finish building my puppet in time. Will I be able to use the bathroom on occasion. O-O

I have no idea. BUT! I'm excited ^_^. 

Speaking of which, you're probably wondering how my puppet is going. I can happily report that the foam build up is completely finished and I'm currently working on his hands. I should actually finish them tonight right after I post this blog post YEAH! I'm going with foam build up for the hands as well and painting/flocking them after. Here's a sneak peak. 

Here's my puppet so for everybody!

Here's my puppet so for everybody!

I want to end in the blog with awesome news! "Fork and Knife," just made it into the montreal stop motion festival in canada! Ever since I was first starting to learn to animate I was hoping to one day make it into this festival and that day came ^_^! I'm so humbled for the continued praise and support my little short is getting. So once again thank you to everyone involved and also to the judges of this festival. 

If you're in Canada is September I highly recommend going to check it out! I hear it's an amazing festival and super supportive of this fun little medium of animation that I enjoy! 

Final note:

The new Wilco Album is amazing. So is glass animals. I highly recommend getting Junius Meyvant's new EP and listening to it. And also having a cup of hot chocolate when your feeling down. I did that last saturday, it felt good!