Update. UPDATE.!



I hope everyone's summer is going swimmingly ^_^!

Mine is and as Comic Con approaches, so does the reality of the future. 

I'm going to be presenting my short at Comic Con and then I'm going to turn 25. It's crazy that I've spent the last 5 years pursuing my dreams and it's worked out so well for me so fast. I am humbled and forever grateful of the people who supported me along the way. 

Success. Feels good. I feel like I made the right choice overall in everything. But. 

I'm hungry for more. 

In the next couple of months. You will see the completed clown puppet. And if I play my cards right. He'll be fully animated. 

Designer Con 2015 is coming. And with that I will have my first booth all alone. I'm planning on selling pillows. Prints. Sculpts. And promoting the clown's short film. It's going to be amaze-balls!

SO get excited everyone because. It's coming. More Adina Cohen Stuff is coming. 

It's just hard to juggle my personal work with a 9 to 7 job. But friendly reminder! Feel free to follow me on instagram for a bi-dailyish illustration. :)! YAY!


Side note. The Paleo diet. Is not good. Eat your grains. Be alive. Feed your brain. 

ALSO! MAN that new Of monster's and Men album is really good. I mean really really really good. Give it a listen. DO it Do it Do it.