I think the most important thing in life. the one thing that I know I will regret. Is not having strong relationships with the people around me.


It's just been on my mind lately. :I

In other more uplifting news! I can announce that my film "Fork and Knife" is showing at Comic Con. Here is the fancy info!


To all those going to comic con. 

The Panel for my Animated Short "Fork and Knife." is 

Friday July 10, 2015 1:10pm - 1:25pm 
Grand Ballroom D, Manchester Grand Hyatt
4: CCI-IFF, Animation, Hyatt Programs, Movies
Tags Animation, Hyatt Programs, Movies

Emptiness was this man's default. Every waking moment was within himself. Until one fateful evening at a restaurant, his reality collapses, with the power of music. Participating panelists include Adina Cohen (creator/animator), Steve Wilder Blumenthal (composer), and Amanda Donahue (storyboard artist).

Be there. Bring Questions. And get a free "PIN!!!"


Short update this week. I'm behind on a lot of things. I promise my puppet will be done soon. Hopefully I can get some time to work on him this coming weekend. :)

If you are looking for something new to experience. I highly recommend the Podcast "Mystery Show" It's about this young woman a she tackles the mysteries of others. She finds the mundane interesting. And in doing so she connects with the people around her and we the audience learn more about ourselves and humanity as a whole. 

It's an inspiring show. :)! It's made me question a lot of how I used to think about things and in someways how young and ignorant I really am. 

See yah on the flip side.