You'll go far.

Hello Everyone!

Something happened to me this week. This is the first week in a long time that I really tried to get enough sleep. 

And I did and then life felt simpler. 

This is the first time in a long time I woke up on a weekday morning feeling rested. I went to work and felt wide awake. I came home feeling satisfied. And stress didn't exist. :)

I honestly can't see how I would ever go back to only 6 hours of sleep. 


Last Sunday was the patchwork long beach show. 

I ended up driving all the way to long beach by myself with a car full of stuff and hope. I hoped that people would like my work. I hoped that my prices weren't too high. I hoped that I wouldn't get heat stroke and lastly I hoped that my avocado wouldn't spoil. 

Well after 3 hours of setting up and a slight de-tour where I bought one more skirt. I was standing behind my tiny table and underneath my brand new brown umbrella. 

The morning was slow. But there was promise. A lot of people were complementing my work and taking my business card. A couple people said they would come back later for something maybe. by Mid-day a couple came by and ended up looking at everything I had for sale. They found my work hilarious and inspiring. It was nice to get so much support from group of people who liked what they saw. Honestly it's one of the main reasons I want to keep doing things like this. Sure selling my art and making some money is good but in the end it's the connections you make with fellow people along the way. I heard stories from many people. And yes even some negative. But all in all I need to try to do more of these. It felt good. 

By the end of the day I ended up making a small profit. Which will imediately go into my booth for designer con. The plan as of right now. Is to complete my puppet. Make a short video and make a bunch of new prints and pins and maybe a couple of other things.

Side note! If you know any good trade shows, crafts shows, conventions, etc. You think I should get my booth at, let me know. Patchwork long beach was only my second show and I want to make this into a new habit!

Once last thing before I go-

FUN FACT! If you like hummus. Avoid hummus with any of the gum stuff. It's a preserver and flavor enhancer and It makes you constipated and bloated. Bleh! Check the label. Buy the stuff without it. or make your own. Your bum will thank you. :D