Happiness. Within.

I've done a lot of personal life improvements.

Last February or maybe it was January.....I decided to make a change. 

I wanted to learn how to cook food properly. I wanted to understand more about nutrition. I wanted to loose a little fat around my butt. Don't we all?

SO I went on this low carb/low fat detox diet. 

And it did a lot of things.

First of all I lost 3 pounds. But more importantly I lost all of my cravings. I began to taste the flavors of veggies and fruits became sweeter. My art improved and I felt more in control of my emotions. 

I got more sleep. I made more time for friends. I stopped my nail biting habits. I grew out my hair. I guess the reason I'm bringing this up was. After making so many changes to my lifestyle I had no idea that life could feel this good. 

I had no idea how much food can effect everything. 

I have never felt more alive. Just thought I needed to share that. 

This is my favorite thing to eat on friday night. 

This is my favorite thing to eat on friday night. 

*There Is still room for pie though. 

I listen to this new Podcast every week. It's called happier. I highly recommend giving it a listen. Basically they offer advice to habits you could from to improve your life. A new one that I'm going to implement soon is to go out of a adventure every Sunday morning. I need to do something new every week. I learned that new experiences make life feel a whole lot longer and more fulfilling. 

Side note. I have been officially promoted at work. I'm no longer an animation assistant. I am an animator on Supermansion now. It feels good to get to where I have always wanted to be. :)

Next step. 

The patchwork show this Sunday. I am selling art. Come Say HI and maybe buy some art!