My return from the depths.

Hello Everyone!


This is the first time since starting the blog that I've had a really long gap between updating. I have so much talk about. 


On June 7th I will be selling my prints that premiered at Designer Con as well as a handful of new ones at the Spring 2015 Patchwork Show in Long Beach!

If your in the area and want to come say hi! I'll be there and so will the things I have made. I may bring some puppets for displaying. It all depends on a whole mess of things. 

(I also should make new business cards oop)

So excited O-O!!!!!

photo copy.JPG

I've completely undated my logo as well! I feel like his stance better represents what I'm personally fighting for. 

I have also started experimenting with my water colors on instagram. That and I have began to draw my friends as well as myself. It's fun playing with style and paying attention to how you friends look and their personality traits. :D

A couple of amazing things happened within the last couple of weeks. One I met Jonsi of Sigur Ros. This is the band that heavily influences me, artistically, spiritually and physically (I have been known to cry at their concerts) 

I met him in an ikea of all places. On a monday. in the evening. In Burbank. 

He was there with Alex buying cushions. I was so happy to meet them and tell them how much of an influence they are to me. And how in 2010 I went to one of their concerts and the performance inspired me to apply for art school and pursue Animation and now I'm here animating. Life is good. I am humble. 

Future Goals. Give storytelling on a live stage a try. Go on an adventure. Finish all the art projects. yay!


On a more personal note I literally just moved this past week so I'm all out or routine BUT! I hope to get back on the clown project and my illustrations and preparing to Patchwork immediately. Like exactly right after I finish typing.