Juggling. everyday. Juggling.

Hello everyone. 

Sometimes I wonder if I can do it all.

I want to be the best animator I can, to draw well figurative and stylized, to be able to draw from observation quickly, to be healthy with my diet so I can control my lows, strong enough to lift 20 pounds without loosing form, a well informed adult with the knowledge to make correct decisions about the future of out nation, a balanced social life, the time to explore the world, to read everyday, and enough money to completely support myself without fear of the future. 

It's a lot...but I'm taking it one step at a time.  

One nice thing is I'm improving with my figure drawing. Saturdays have become my favorite day of the week when I get to go to the Loz Feliz figure drawing co-op and draw from nude models. Then disc golf after. It' the best!. O-O!!! 


I have completed painting his face shapes and I started sewing his clothes with his body built up but when I was looking at him in his box...

well...I guess I changed my mind.

I wasn't happy with how fat he was looking. I mean his butt looked like he had my butt...like a lady butt.. He shouldn't have hips he's a he. So I decided to sculpt his body from scratch and make a foam mold from it. I have high hope's it'll go well but we shall see.

My sculpting his body, he looks more like my illustration. I have never made a foam body before so I expect a whole lot of mistakes but if this works it will make for a nicer more polished puppet, which is exactly what I'm after.

Honestly, a month after posting I wish I had more done but with working a normal 9 to 7, my free time is less then it used to be. But I'll try my best to stay on top of it. Even with a week of being sick.