Post Designer Con 2015. O-O



So Designer Con 2015 happened.... 

To any new readers of this little blog of mine: Hello and Welcome :). It was amazing meeting all of you and thank you for the support. To the people who helped me make it happen, I couldn't have done it without you and I really appreciate your help.

Plans for Designer Con 2016 is already underway. There will be more. Of everything. 



I will be selling prints at Artists and Flees on Saturday, January 16th.  So come on down, say hi! and see what I have to offer! Super excited about this one. 

After Designer Con I have decided to take the next 2 months off. I want to rebuild this website, organize my life and breathe a little, before embarking on another year of art. 

Next year there will be a proper Etsy account, my new short, more short animations, more weekly illustrations. So get ready. 

Bring it on 2016.