Designer Con 2015 Preview and ALSO other life updates!

Hello everyone!


It's been a little over a month since I updated you all. Not going to lie a lot has happened! I'm currently back on Robot Chicken season 8, animating, while also prepping for designer Con 2015 which is literally 2 weeks away! 

If you don't know already, Designer Con is a art toy convention in Pasadena. It takes place November 21st and 22nd. The tickets are only 5 dollars online! Get them here-

This will be my second time having a booth there. I'm booth 711. Huzzah!!!

Along with a bunch of prints from last years designer con and a second pour of my popular Hurt series sculptures for sale. (both of which will be discounted. WOO! yay! deals!) I'm selling a whole bunch of new items that go along with the most popular illustrations I drew from Instagram this year. 



This will the first time I'm on my own at the convention. So come by and say hi! check out what I have to offer and get a sneak peak of the first couple of animation tests for my next short film "Pirouette," coming in 2017. As well as a the first puppet prototype  "clown" from the new short. All of the proceeds from designer con will go towards the pre-production for this short, as well as the kickstarter campaign which as of right now will be launching in mid April. 



Ok so, as you probably notice I said that my kickstarter campaign will not be launched at designer con.... which I originally said it would in earlier blog posts. Well, there's something I learned in the last month in a half. In order to live a well balanced life its better to do only the stuff you really have time for. Doing to much only stresses you out and with stress comes work that isn't very good. So I made a choice. Push back my deadlines in order to insure that this designer con will be the best yet. Not to worry this short is still happening. I won't give up. Baby steps yo!

Other then that life is good. Figure drawing, animation, eating less meat, making more meals from scratch, breathing more and digging that new Cloud Cult album (well the songs that they've released so far)

So happy thanksgiving everyone. And remember relationships is WAY more awesome that buying stuff. So call your mom and be with the ones you care about. :D 


P.S. banana pancakes. are amazing. But don't forget to add a little bit of salt.