Hello Everyone!

My interpretation of Mario. Luigi is still better. 

My interpretation of Mario. Luigi is still better. 

If you don't already follow my Instagram feed, in the last 2 weeks I have changed the direction of what I decide to post on there. No longer is it going to be my personal sketches of my thoughts and doodles of the day. Although I still do those, but I feel like they aren't what people want to see. Either that or I feel like I want to present more finalized drawings and try to be more present in the artist community online. That and I also really want to grow my stylistic choices, (hence the serge of fan art on my feed.) So if you curious here's my instagram- adina.cohen           

A doodle while hiking.

A doodle while hiking.

In the last couple of weeks I have gotten in the habit of hiking on the weekends. So far because of it's closeness, I've only exploded Griffith Park. But It's the best after a morning of figure drawing to spend an afternoon hiking around and stoping every once in a while to draw from observation or from my head. It really helps me put things into perspective when I'm obsessing over tiny things in my life that aren't that important. I highly recommend it. Sure humanity invented inside to live more comfortably but I don't feel right myself unless I'm out and away from the silliness of civilization. So give it a try if you can ^_^. 

Turtle shell. Now currently in the trash. 

Turtle shell. Now currently in the trash. 

This photo was taken right after I painted the shell of my new turtle puppet for the gif I've been slowly working on. Let's just say that before I started building 2 new puppets at once I thought I had a pretty good understanding of mold making. Now after 50 sticky and squishy mouth shapes, a silicone mold that cured 80 percent of the full mold and a turtle shell that did not cure everywhere and remain sticky in spots (that I only noticed after painting it). I would have to say lessoned learned nature. You got me. 

Rules that I didn't think would be a problem but actually are. 

-If it is colder then 70 outside (because you have to cast outside because you don't want to contaminate the inside) your resin with either cure but it'll be weird. OR will not cure at all. SO DONT DO IT UNLESS ITS WARMER. 

-IF you are out of catalyst then you are out. Skimping even a tiny bit results in a poorly made mold. Don't do it. 1 and 10 percent Period. Eyeballing it doesn't work you rolly polly. 

and lastly


One positive from this experience is my turtle's head is completely finished and he looks cute and ready to fly. ^_^!

Hopefully when I return both puppets will be more presentable. 

Lastly because you made it to the end here's a gift for your ears Junius Meyvant-Color Decay. 

"You have to make your own world"