Making 2 Puppets at once.

Hello everyone!


Clown Version 2. Come follow along with his to his journey to greatness. 

Clown Version 2. Come follow along with his to his journey to greatness. 

For the last 2 weeks I have been working on my new puppet.

The clown version 2 is his official name but....well...., we'll just have to call him clown for short. He's a character who has been living with me since the legendary lonely summer of 2012. To keep a story short, lets just say I spent a lot of time on my own that summer and got to point where I didn't need to put on pants. Out of those pant-less days, the clown came to exist  as a socially awkward (he likes to stroke peoples feet when saying hello) quiet character who just wants to be loved. The way I see it now is he was your typical character trope of a college art student.

There is this saying that one should write what they know. Well since a large amount of young art students spend a lot of their time working alone, what usually happens is they write about characters who are lonely. 

I didn't want the clown to be just another character trope. I needed to think deeper and arrive at somewhere new. 

So after a story overhaul and a couple of personal think tanks, I am happy to say that his story is and will be something I'm proud of. It's different for me but it exists in the core of everything I believe in.

Rock it clown. ROCK IT HARD. 

Rock it clown. ROCK IT HARD. 

As you can see from the photos, I have casted the clowns head in a silicone mold and poured liquid plastic (or urethane resin POISON, CANCER, ITS CANCER BE SAFE) to make his head. I then made a sculpt of his neutral mouth shape and molded that and now I'm sculpting different mouth shapes from the original mouth shape mold. (melting clay into mold) The plan is to have 30 separate mouths. Nothing too crazy since this is my first time attempting hand sculpted mouth shapes but enough so my clown can emot properly. 

OOOOh looks shapes 

OOOOh looks shapes 

The way I see in now is this clown is probably going to take me some time. He needs to be better then all of my puppets in the past. He needs to be represented as the best of what I know how to do so far. 

Not only that but I owe it to my character to do his image justice. :)


The other puppet I'm working on at the moment is the skydiving turtle. You may recognize him from an illustration I did last year. He's having the time of his life skydiving. He represents letting go, living life free from the thoughts holding you back. For the coming Loop De Loop (animation competition) I wanted to animating a loop of him falling. 

As you can see from the image I decided to hand sculpt his entire shell from scratch. By the end of this week, I want to have his shell and head completed and ready for painting. 

Exciting projects all around. Stay turned for more. And stay around for a compete overhaul of my Instagram. I am no longer Ace_the_2nd but Adina.Cohen (don't forget the period in the middle) in order to streamline my work. ^_^!

January is looking to be an exciting month. Hope all in well with everyone else. 

Bye and if you want, listen to RADICAL FACE. They are bang-a-rang.