A little Overwhelmed but staying the course one minute at a time.

Hi Everybody!

My hurt series is final taking some form ^_^!

My hurt series is final taking some form ^_^!

Since I last updated my blog a whole lot as happened. I have been hired on at the company called "Feelin" for a super secret new internet but not internet...,not sure whats going to happen with it but it's going to be beautiful, television show. It's a flash based show with a whole lot of promise. Knocking on all the wood. The moment I can say any more I will tell all. I really want this show to succeed :). The job itself is only 2 months but it'll be helpful to have some income. 

Not only that but I am also working on some freelance on the side. (the moment I can say anything about that little project I will....because I am really excited about it O-O)

Because I have a new 10 to 7 job all the way in Santa Monica and my short freelance gig, my Designer Con progress has slowed. I still have a lot on do by Designer Con and not a lot of time to do it. I am confident that I am close however. I just need to work evenings and finish painting. The rest of the workload is mostly ordering prints and making a bunch of signs. Not so bad in the end. :) But still I know that the month of October will be a marathon. O-O. and I am ready.

Lastly I leave you with an animation test. This test will most likely be the last one in a week or so. I am crazy busy but I'm trying to stick to my schedule. 8I......too many things....not enough time to breath.