Playing catch up

Hello everyone. 

Dog Boy, perhaps a wimp. Doodle of the Week #2

Dog Boy, perhaps a wimp. Doodle of the Week #2

When I started this blog I forgot to mention where I am now that Robot Chicken season 7 is complete. I am currently spending my working time in glendale at cowork 100. It's this small office space in a basement of an old bank. I am currently working on small client based projects as well as my new 30 sec short titled "Party Time YO!" For now all is can say is it's about dancing Jelly Beans. There is also a top hat. I think I'm really just excited about the top hat. Maybe I wanted a reason to animate a top hat. Because I don't know if you know this but top hats are pretty great.


I won't be surprised if I end up squeezing in another mustache in this short. I have yet to kick my love for the mustache. :)

I think one of my troubles I'm working though is what festivals I should send my short film "Fork and Knife" too or if just putting it online is enough. I really would like people to see it but I feel like I also want to try to get the short recognized in a more professional environment.

If anyone has any ideas for good festivals to enter email me or comment on this blogpost. Any advice would be awesome. 

All fixed and ready to take on the world. 

All fixed and ready to take on the world. 

Right after I finished filming my short, my puppets head broke off. (like literally right after, like the exact moment I posed him for the last frame. I know weird right O_O….totally weird.) This weekend I finally had time to dive in and fix him. The funny is when I was making him, I just knew his head would go first because of the size wire I used. I ended up using one really large wire with no steal support (a second small wire.) Instead of two crimped smaller wires that could easily fit into the square stock for his neck. Lesson learned. 

Tonight I am going to walk him for the first time. (in the short he sat the whole time)

I will show everyone next week. 

And now I leave you with a weekly animation test.