Hello everyone!

I will miss you grandma. Weekly Sketch. 

I will miss you grandma. Weekly Sketch. 

So Designer Con ended today and it was a complete success :D!

I met so many people who liked my work and gave out a million business cards. To all the new people reading this small art blog of mine, Hello and welcome. 

I will definitely come next year.

I think the best thing about it was getting to watch people enjoy my film (I had Fork and Knife playing on a screen) and talk to them about how I made it.  That and being able to see people's instagram feeds where they put my hurt sculptures, that was cool. 

I feel like I am in a completely new spot with my art. With all of the projects complete, I am free to move forward. 

But first going to take a little break. In the next couple of weeks be on the look out for my new store as well as the new projects. 

Thank you for being there to support my weird ideas everyone.