Happy Thanksgivings

Hello Everyone!

Sketch of the week- He's got a beach ball. 

Sketch of the week- He's got a beach ball. 

2 weeks ago I started working on a new show called "The Most Popular Girls in School." It's a show about barbies in high school, done in a sort of gorilla style stop motion technique,

with barbies.

The technique rejects most of the rules I have been taught but at the same time, retains it's style and humor. My quota is around 2 minutes a day, which is the fastest I've ever animated. Because of this, I have to pin point the most important parts in a character's performance, strip down any bells and whistles in movement, while still retaining what makes the character tick. It's been a challenge but a thrill. This experience reinforces the idea that acting done well is actually really simple, one just needs to know where and when it's needed. 

I can't wait to see the final product. 

His Poor foots. 

His Poor foots. 

I have also started sketches of a new test puppet. My old one, the star of my short film, Fork and Knife, foot keeps breaking. 


His poor foot does not want to be a foot anymore. 

It's bitter sweet but It's been a year since a made him. Moving on to bigger things. 

This is gangster bunny. He's a bunny with a record, he's also secretly is allergic to carrots. :) I'm working with an old college friend, Tyler Weber, on the project. He is building the puppet head and mouth shapes and 3D printing them. O_O

I am excited about this. O_O

P.S. If you are curious on the internet show Rainbow Brite, that I animated on. You can catch it streaming on "Feeln." Which is this new internet watching service. :)

I leave you in hopes that you have a Happy Thanksgiving and also don't get into any fights O_O.