Hello. October.

Hi everyone.

How's about an update. 


Pirouette has been taking a while, because I made a lot of mistakes. And I'm trying to hide them. And it's working. Maybe.... probably....At least thats what I tell myself.

Because positivity is HEALTHY! O-O. 

I may-be the only one who notices said mistakes. 

Damn you animator eyes. 

But anyway. 

When you see it, You probably won't notice those mistakes I'm even mentioning. YEP.

The downside of being a human and not a perfect shiny crystalized robot is well....you tend to think. "Oh yeah that will totally work. Yeah it's perfect. Look at me and my silly bulbous ego.....yeah...." 

2 months later and you're sitting in front of your computer manually adding digital eye blinks to an altered after Effects shot to hide the fact that you really don't know how to do a proper storyboard and your panicking because you know....uh now.... how you should have done said storyboard......but there is no more money.... to reshoot.

And then it works and you feel ok in the end.

That is this film.

So the relative final cut is done and my friend Steve Blumenthal (HI STEVE) is handing the musical stuff. 'Cause he knows what he's doing. 

Pro tip. Get people who know what they are doing. Especially if you do not. 

I hope to get this sucker done by the end of this year. Or most likely January. O-O


Iceland was awesome. Very expensive. I got sick for half of the trip and then felt horrible physically for the second half.

But I saw a lot of things and made the best of it. Oh And not being alone this time was pretty nice. Once I have enough money. Japan is next.


Lastly. I highly recommend the band. Frightened Rabbit. And the podcast- My haunt Life.